Zbigniew Pilch, photo made by Zbigniew BurdaTERRA INCOGNITA (Music for violin solo, 17th century)
02.10.2006 – 19:00
(Kościół Ewangelicko-Augsburski św. Krzysztofa / pl. św. Krzysztofa 1)
Tickets: normal 16zł, reduced 13zł, family (parents with children <15) 22zł / part of “Enjoy Mondays
  Johann Schop (1590 – 1667)
   Lachrimae Pavaen
   (originally for violin & basso continuo, transcribed by Zbigniew Pilch)
  Manuscript from Klagenfurt (17th century)
   Suite in A [Preludium, Allamanda, Courante, Gigue, Sarabanda, Double]
  Giovanni Battista Vitali (1632 – 1692)
   Partita sopra diverse Sonate [Toccata, Ruggiero, Bergamasca]
  Johann Paul von Westhoff (1656 – 1705)
   Suite III in H flat major [Allemande, Courante – Sarabande, Gigue]
  Nicola Matteis (? – 1713)
   Passagio rotto
  Thomas Baltzar (1630 – 1663)
   Variations on a theme John come kiss me now
   (originally for violin & basso continuo, transcribed by Zbigniew Pilch)

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