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12-18.09.2006, the 4th Sesshin took place at Horakuji, Wrocław, in the presence of a Japanese Buddhist teacher - Yamada Bunryo. “Sesshin” is one week of intensive zen training, and Sesshin with Yamada Bunryo Roshi in Wrocław is held every year since 2003. We interviewed Bunyu who is responsible for the organization of this Sesshin, and we asked him how he started the practice of zen and what motivates people to participate in this zen training.
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Horakuji was established in 2002 as a Buddhist temple, and its aim is to provide local practitioners a place and opportunities to meet teachers from various Buddhist schools and traditions. Horakuji also organizes regular zazenkai and some other Buddhism-related activities in Wrocław.
Horakuji is a part of Polish Buddhist Mission.

Buddhist Temple “Horakuji”

ul. Polkowicka 9a, Wrocław
mobile: +48 601 705 736 (Bunyu)

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