12.09.2008 - 20:30 (Friday)
(ul. Łazienna 4)
Tickets: 14/12/9PLN

This Friday, at Jazz Club Rura, Jonquil will perform one and the only concert in Poland.
audio samples: http://www.myspace.com/jonquiluk

Jonquil is an Oxford bedroom recording project turned band, centered around 20 year old Hugo Manuel.

In borrowing Kit Monteith, Ben Rimmer and Jody Prewett from young Oxford band Wait For Coniston along with Sam Scott from Youthmovies, the line up was expanded to include bouzouki, guitar, violin, drums, flugelhorn and double bass.

The band started with a desire to use acoustic instruments. Influenced by the likes of Joan Baez, The Microphones, Akron/Family, Swans and Stars of the Lid, Hugo spent a year collecting melodicas, reed organs, glockenspiels, dulcimers, whistles…

The result was ‘Sunny Casinos’: a late night listening album of beautiful & engrossing dark gentle songs, dense summer drones, fairground field recordings and creeped-out dusty attic music. Ten songs that are at once fizzing & clattering & wheezy… and slowly blossoming, twinkling & gossamer-like. Think Animal Collective at their most sun-dappled, Hood at their most intimate and some stumbled-upon eerie eastern European folk.
— text taken from the press release

All the above photos are released under Creative Commons license by Jonquil

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