Industrial Art presents the 7th edition of the Wrocław Industrial Festival. The programme includes exhibition, happening and concerts.
See below for the full programme:

 05.11.2008 - 18:00 (Wednesday) 
Espira (GB), Joanna Pałys
Embryonal Position (PL)
Anhedonia (CZ)

 06.11.2008 (Thursday) 
BWA AWANGARDA (Wita Stwosza 32)
Crash Happening/Concert
SSS: Sebastian Meissner Random Inc
Robert B. Lisek Fundamental Research Laboratory

 07.11.2008 - 19:00 (Friday) 
SALA GOTYCKA (Gothic Hall, ul. Purkyniego 1)
Carter Tutti (Chris Carter & Cosey Fani Tutti - Throbbing Gristle-GB)
Anenzephalia (DE)
Land:Fire (DE)
Compulsive Shopping Disorder (PL)
After Party - DJ Blacha (Synta[xe]rror)

 08.11.2008 - 19:00 (Saturday) 
SALA GOTYCKA (Gothic Hall, ul. Purkyniego 1)
Nurse With Wound (GB/US)
Blind Cave Salamander (US/IT)
Andrew Liles (GB)
6633 North (US)
Job Karma (PL)
After Party - DJ’s: Dirk Ivens (Sonar/Dive-B), Erik (Irl)

 09.11.2008 - 19:00 (Sunday) 
SALA GOTYCKA (Gothic Hall, ul. Purkyniego 1)
In Slaughter Natives (SE)
Oil 10 (FR)
Empusae (BE)
Vladimir Hirsch (CZ)
Disharmony (Sk)
After Party - DJ Jacup-H

 10.11.2008 - 19:00 (Monday) 
CRK (ul. Jagiellończyka 10C/D)
Napalmed (CZ)
Analog Suicide (TR)
Bisclaveret (PL)
Sleep Sessions (PL)
Maaaa! (RU)
05.11 - Free Admission
06.11 - Free Admission
07.11 - 60/55PLN
08.11 - 70/65PLN
09.11 - 60/55PLN
10.11 - 10PLN

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