SIMCHA VIII: The Meeting with Jewish Culture
Simcha VIII08.06.2006-12.06.2006

08.06.2006 (Thursday)

17:00 Lights/Shadows of Jerusalem: The opening of the photo-exhibition by Erwin Schenkelbach (Israel) (Mleczarnia, ul.Włodkowica 5)
18:00 From Drohobycz to Jerusalem - Meeting with Erwin Schenkelbach (Modlitw Hall, ul.Włodkowica 9)
20:00 Inauguration concert:
10th Anniversary of The Synagogue “Under A White Stork” Choir (Synagogue “Under A White Stork,” ul.Włodkowica 7; 30PLN)
with: Avitall Gerstetter - cantor (Berlin)
Stefanpaul - grand piano (Berlin)
Piotr Baron - sax
Agnieszka Ostapowicz Rybarczyk - violin
Andrzej Garbarek - grand piano
22:00 Kafka by Night
 - the fragments of Kafka’s prose read by Paweł Passini & Tomasz Gwinciński
with Jakub Konc-Hadyński - violin (Mleczarnia; 5PLN)
09.06.2006 (Friday)

10:00 Meeting with cantor Avitall Gerstetter (Berlin) (Modlitw Hall)
15:00 Workshop of the dance from Israel (Synagogue “Under A White Stork”; 5PLN)
17:00 Zionism as a secular religion: a lecture by Nili Amit (Israel) (Mleczarnia)
19:00 Szalom Alejchem (Synagogue “Under A White Stork”; 15PLN)
Marty Fogel - clarinet
Mitch Schechter - grand piano (USA)
21:00 Szafa - monodrama of Monika Kufel (dir.Wiesław Hejno)
based on a story by Hanny Krall & Olga Tokarczuk (Mleczarnia; 15PLN)
10.06.2006 (Saturday)

15:00 Workshop of the dance from Israel (Synagogue “Under A White Stork”; 5PLN)
18:00- 22:00 Żydowskie Motywy (Jewish Motifs) - film screening (Mleczarnia; 10PLN)
22:02 Klezmer Hawdalah
Dobranocz (St.Petersburg), The Saints (Kraków) (Synagogue “Under A White Stork”; 20PLN)
11.06.2006 (Sunday)

11:00 - 19:00 Simcha Market
12:00 Mazel against Slimazel, or how to be happy - A story by I.B. Singer for children and adults
Grupa Studnia O (Warszawa) (Mleczarnia; 10PLN)
13:30 Walking Jewish Wrocław (Starts at the synagogue on ul.Włodkowica 7)
15:00 Workshop of the dance from Israel (Synagogue “Under A White Stork”; 5PLN)
17:00 Torah Comes Back to Poland - the projection of the film and the meeting with the creators: Ellen Friedland & Curtem Fisselem (USA) (Mleczarnia)
19:00 Shofar (Mleczarnia; 15PLN)
Raphael Rogiński - electric gitar
Mikołaj Trzaska - sax, bass clarine
Macio Moretti - percussion
21:00 Nina Stiller “In Her Eyes” - the recital of Jewish songs
(Synagogue “Under A White Stork”; 20PLN)
with: Joachim Mencel - grand piano
Tomasz Kupiec - contrabass
Arek Skolik - percussion
12.06.2006 (Monday)

10:00 Conference “Many Faces of Jewishness” (University of Wrocław IFP, pl. Nankiera 15)

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