Mandala Performance Festival is an annual international festival of contemporary performing arts. The themes of the 5th edition this year are 1) the meeting of performing arts and choreography and 2) the question of identity and alienation. For more information about the artists and performance, please check: (PL/EN)


 24.04.2009 (Friday) 
17:00 - GALERIA MIEJSKA (ul.Kiełbaśnicza 28)
Harakiri Farmers - “Beat Hotel”
Barbara Bujakowska – “Swan like”

 25.04.2009 (Saturday) 
16:00 - GALERIA MIEJSKA (ul.Kiełbaśnicza 28)
Performance by:
Hajime Fujita
Johannes Deimling
Sławek Bendrat

(ul.Kuźnicza 29a)
Janusz Orlik - “Live on stage”
Anita Wach - “INCH 1,5″

 26.04.2009 (Sunday) 
16:00 - GALERIA MIEJSKA (ul.Kiełbaśnicza 28)
Performance by:
Angelika Fojtuch
Hajime Fujita
Arkadi Zaides

(ul.Kuźnicza 29a)
Sławek Bendrat, Dominik Krawiecki, Yoshiko Kinoshita - “LE MANQUE”
Niezależna Manufaktura Taneczna – “Simone de Beauvoir”
Sylwia Hanff – “DROMENON”

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