ENERGIA DŹWIĘKU (“Energy of Sound”) is a festival around Neo-Folk and experimental sound. The 4th edition this year features the concerts by Univers Zero (BE), Gae Bolg (FR), etc. and also lectures and workshops.
For more information: http://www.industrialart.eu/index.php?go=energiadzwieku

 21.03.2009 (Saturday) - 19:00 
GOTHIC HALL (Sala Gotycka, ul. Purkyniego 1)
Tickets: 45/35PLN
[Concert] Gae Bolg (FR), Seven Pines (FR), Trublion 23 (FR), Lise N. (FR)

 22.03.2009 (Sunday)  
 16:00  - KALCZAKRA Gallery&Coffee (ul. Kuźnicza 29)
[Lecture] “Rock In Opposition” by Henryk Palczewski
Free Admission
 19:00  - GOTHIC HALL (Sala Gotycka, ul. Purkyniego 1)
Tickets: 60PLN
[Concert] Univers Zero (BE), Gae Bolg (FR)

 24.03.2009 (Tuesday) - 19:00 
KALCZAKRA Gallery&Coffee (ul. Kuźnicza 29)
[Lecture] “Psychogeografia Transu Cz.3″ by Marek Styczyński / Karpaty Magiczne
Free Admission

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