18.12.2010 - 12:00 (Saturday)
(ul. Kurzy Targ 3)

Didgeridoo workshops by TOM FRONZA for both beginner & intermediate levels. The workshop will be held in English. For more infomation & sign up, please contact: workshop@gig-ant.pl, +48 602 744 845.

Tom Fronza will play on Monday (20.12.2010) also at the Marrakech Club along with the Wrocław-based live Drum’n’Bass duo, Fat Burning; the concert will start at 21:00.

Content Workshop Intermediate:
- Deepening the consciousness of the technical aspects of circular breathing and drone
- Easy rhythm patterns (2 beat, 4 beat and 6 beat) with a syllable playing scheme
- Odd meters (3 beat, 5 beat, 11 beat) with a syllable playing scheme
- Using the toungue as main rhythm source
- Different Toot (trumpet) techniques
- Breathing on Toot
- Additional sounds and rhythms with cheeks, diaphragm and voice
- Musical base knowledge regarding playing the didgeridoo
- Workshop revisited with sound files and text documents (playing scheme)

Conent Workshop Beginner:
- Learning the drone
- Learning the circular breathing without the dig (4 step system)
- Refining the drone
- Theory and practise of different circulation approaches
- First, very simple rhythms
- Basic soundmodulation and voice integration
- Basic knowledge regarding the Instrument, focus on playing techniques and material

Tom Fronza on world didgeridoo network

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