trans-misja26.10.2007 - 19:00 (Friday)
ARKA Theatre
(ul. Mennicza 3)
Tickets: 20/15PLN
Seat availability limited
Book tickets at 071 344 3806 from 10am to 4pm
or by e-mail:

PrzeglądARKA: A Review of Talents, Ideas and Possibilities
Part 1. “Trans-misja” - A Play in Gesture

“A simple story on a less simple subject: about people who are in search of a relationship but at the same time cannot rid of a fear of getting trapped by it”
“Trans-misja” is the result of a co-operation of Artur Borkowski, Ewelina Niewiadowska and Paulina Jóźwin, who are also the excellent casts of the play. The performance was premiered in April 2007 during the Third International Art Festival “Mandala” in Wrocław.

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