26.09.2009 (Saturday)
(pl. Teatralny 4)

26th September is the European Day of Languages. At this occasion, Wrocław Puppet Theatre will organize “Theatrical Babel Tower,” presentations of a variety of theatrical performances aiming to promote theatre as a means of language education.

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The European Day of Languages:
Theatrical Babel Tower
26 September 2009

Ode to Joy
An open concert sung to the accompaniment of the Representative Orchestra of the Wrocław Police.
All are invited to join in!
Free Admissions

The official inauguration of the European Day of Languages and the opening of exhibitions prepared by Ősterreich Institut (”Austrian Children Literature”), by Alliance Française (”Migrating Words / Les mots migrateurs”) and the Wrocław Public Library (”Our Wroclaw Microcosm”).

“Mozart writing letters”
A theatre performance with an English lesson, performed in English
Ticket: 30/20PLN

“Fairy from Sonnwendjoch” – a performance in German played by pupils of PARNAS school
Free Admissions

“Konik Garbusek (The Humpbacked Horse)” – a performance in Polish
Ticket: 25/20PLN

“Broken Nails: About Marlene Dietrich” – a performance in English
A monodrame about Marlena Dietrich with her most beautiful songs performed by Anna Skubik
Ticket: 30/20PLN

“Les frères corses (Corsican Brothers)”
A paper theatre performance in French
Free Admissions

A piano recital inaugurating the Porcelain Concerts series
Ticket: 25PLN

A pianist Tadeusz Domanowski will play works of Moritz Moszkowski - a composer born in Wroclaw - and also Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt and Felix Mendelssohn.

  1.      F. Chopin – “Scherzo B minor op. 31″
  2.      F. Chopin – “Waltz A minor (op. posth.)”
  3.      F. Liszt – “Petrarch Sonnet No. 104″
  4.      F. Liszt – “Obermann’s Valley” from “Years of Pilgrimage” (interpretation by Vladimir Horowitz)
  5.      M. Moszkowski – “Spanish Caprice op. 37″
  6.      M. Moszkowski – “Sparks”
  7.      F. Liszt – ‚Liebestraum No. 3 in A-flat major”
  8.      F. Mendelssohn and F. Liszt – varations on “Wedding March” from “A Midsummer Night”s Dream” (interpretation by Vladimir Horowitz)

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