27.06.2006 & 28.06.2006 - 19:00
(ul. Podwale 37/38)
Tickets: 8/5PLN
Wrocławski Klub FORMATY organizes this year its international 2-day rock summit at the club Łykend. The first day is more chill-out/jazz than rock, but on the second day the programme returns to its “harder” line-ups.
27.06.2006 - clubber day (Tuesday)
Mikromusic / Muzykoterapia (chill out/ jazz)
28.06.2006 - rock day (Wednesday)
Soomood (nu rock/ oriental) / Tlen (nu rock/ post grunge psychodelic) / Chaqma (millenium brutal hard core) / Snake Charmer (hard rock)

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