The opening of an exhibition “CROSSING”
15.09.2006 (Friday) - 18:00
(ul. Rzeźnicza 4)
Free admission
Accompanied by the performances:
 - Redglaer & Wanda Gala (USA) [performance "Goneness" /noise and movement]
 - Sitka (PL) [krew z kontaktu (KZK) + 3 (silence, noise, improvisation)]
Crossing is a collective project of five young artists who met at the Bauhaus University in Weimar: Dušica Dražić (SRB), Karolina Freino (PL), Sam Hopkins (UK/KEN), Teresa Luzio (P) and Vanessa Mayoraz (CH).

The works are the reflections of their personal experiences of leaving safe and familiar places and meeting its consequences in new, unfamiliar places. On the personal level, the “crossing” represents a challenge to one’s own limits, accompanied by fears and/or led by dreams. On the social level, it is the movement in the lack of stabilities in our society and is manifest in many different forms. For example, the search of an identity, asylum seeking, or the quest for physical and/or mental home, etc., are all either the result of or the very process of the “crossing” of given social boundaries and limits.
While focusing on the common theme of “Crossing,” each artist addresses the issue differently: crossing as a feature of a mobile society (Hopkins), as a phenomenon of displacement (Luzio), as a point of intersection between an outsider and a private network (Mayoraz), as a transgression in communication (Freino), or as a mixed feeling that having a home evokes (Dražić).
Galeria ENTROPIA is open Mon-Fri, 13:00-19:00.
The exhibition open till 27.09.2006.

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