24.06.2008 - 19:00 (Tuesday)
(ul. Włodkowica 21)
Tickets: 9/5PLN

Wrocławski Klub FORMATY organizes NowoBrzmienia Festival (New Sound Festival) to promote ambitious music based on electronics and styles such as trip-hop, lounge, avant pop and jazz. Feat. Stealpot (Down-tempo/Jazz/Electronica), Fat Burning Step (Dub Step), Zgas, human beatbox (Hip Hop/A’cappella/Rap), Sinusoidal (Electronica/Hip Hop/Psychedelic).

The festival will take place on two stages - this will assure a few hours of non-stop music. The additional attraction will be the monitors to show the bands visualisations during the show. For more info: myspace.com/nowobrzmienia

Stealpot - http://www.myspace.com/stealpot
Down-tempo / Jazz / Electronica

Fat Burning Step - www.myspace.com/bassbond
Dub Step

Zgas, human beatbox - http://www.myspace.com/zgas
Hip Hop / A’cappella / Rap

Sinusoidal - http://www.myspace.com/sinusoidalpoland
Electronica / Hip Hop / Psychedelic

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