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The first episode of our Mandala Festival III (19.04-25.04.2007) video series presents a view from the exhibition of ceramic works by a French ceramicist Alain Gaudebert. In the interview, he tells us about his works (in French - the English translation of the interview is available below).
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The translation of the interview:
I am a ceramist from Bourgogne, France.
These faces were mostly developed at the time when there was a production, in the city of Auxerre, of Eugène Ionesco’s play “Jeux de massacre.” At that time, the director who was my friend asked me if I could do some work around this theme.
Other works presented here are about what we call “ceramic paper.” This technique mixes paper pulp with clay. With this, we can create extremely thin sheets of ceramic, like parchment. Sometimes they are barely 1mm thick. This technique allowed me to materialize my graphic work. The graphic work is transposed on ceramic material.
Obviously these works are burned at high temperature: in the wood stove, at 1300℃.

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