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The final video podcast episode from “Journées de la Francophonie” brings you the performance of “La leçon” of E.Ionesco by the ARKA theatre on 26.03.2006. The one of three actors in the play - Alexandre Marquézy - is from France and here plays his role in French, while two others mix Polish and French in their dialogue. We spoke with him and asked about the difference that he sees in Polish and French theatres and the experience of working in this hybrid theatre group.

La leçon” of E.Ionesco
Renata Jasińska
Alexandre Marquézy
Ewelina Niewiadowska
Directed by Renata Jasińska / Scenography by Elżbieta Roszczak
[Date Updated] It premieres to the public on 12.05.2006 at the ARKA theatre (ul. Mennicza 3). More details coming soon.

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