Ania Kalwajtys06.02.2007 – 18:00 (Tuesday)
(ul. Rzeźnicza 4)
Free admission
The performance by Ania Kalwajtys as part of the cycle “Performizm 2007”
She needs 2 micophones and a pair of boxing gloves for this performance, but what she intends to do with them is still a mystery. Find out the rest at Entropia.   

Ania Kalwajtys 1
Ania Kalwajtys 2
Ania Kalwajtys 3

bez tytułu, performance, 2006, Lahti, Finlandia, fot. Archiwum autora
Cannibal, performance, 2006, Londyn, Wielka Brytania, fot. Archiwum autora
Cannibal, performance, 2005, Privat impact , fot. Archiwum autora

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