30.05.2008 - 01.06.2008 (Friday - Sunday)
(ul. Więzienna 6)
Starts Everyday at 16:00
Free Admissions
A student theatre group, under the direction of John White, presents the performance of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in English. John White works as English teacher, but he is also a theatre actor/director. At the beginning of the academic year, he organizes a group with students who are interested in working with Shakespeare’s original texts, or simply in acting, and prepares a performance for the end of the year. The previous performance took place in 2006 and the group presented the comedy “The Merry Wives of Windsor” (see our video coverage: Shakespeare Wrocław).

John White - English teacher and the director of this performance
Jacek Adamiak - student of Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu
Paul Boisvert - English teacher from Canada
Virgil Haden-Pawłowski - English teacher from Canada
Tuba Aydinoglu - from Turkey, studies at the English Philology, University of Wrocław
Judyta Wnonko - student of the English Philology, University of Wrocław
Marta Wojczuk - studies in a secondary school

About the Play:
William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (”The Lovers”) tells the story of four lovers who elope into the forest to escape a forced marriage brought on by Athenian law. There they are met by trickster fairies who live in the woods and who, using a magic love flower, lead the lovers astray in a long night of jealousy and misunderstandings. When they awake in the morning they have come to a new appreciation of each other’s love.

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