23.06.2006 - 02.07.2006

As every year, its programme was very colorful, but, just as every year, it was also very difficult to get an overview of the events. We lists here a series of the video podcasts featuring a few selected events.
The complete listing of the programme is available both in English and Polish at http://www.wroclawnonstop.pl/ and the brief descriptions of events at http://www.wroclaw-life.com/wroclaw/wroclaw-non-stop.



 >>> Steps to WrocławNonStop ep.1
wns_gig0102The first on our list is Neanderthal Alien (USA, etc.). Originally formed somewhere around Amsterdam, this ecclectic band got a boost in its evolution when a vocalist Dean Bowman joined. We interviewed the founder and the leader of the band, Ranjit Prasad, at Saraswati hotel in Świeradów. The additional video footage is from their concert in Poznań last Summer.
[View the video]

 >>> Steps to WrocławNonStop ep.2

wns_gig0201 wns_gig0202 wns_gig0203 wns_gig0204
The second episode of the “Steps to WrocławNonStop2006” features the local electronica orchestra, Digit-All-love. We have been following this band since its debut back in this January, and here we have exclusive video footage from their last concert at Świeradów. gig antIn our interview, Bond from Gig Ant promotion speaks about the “Trip Hop & Urban Island” where Digit-All-love and Neanderthal Alien play along with the special guest Ursula Rucker (USA).
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Inside the WrocławNonStop

 >>> Episode 1 - ROCKOWANIA

wns_gig0301 wns_gig0302 wns_gig0303 wns_gig0304
The first episode of our video podcast from WrocławNonStop presents a view from the Mikromusic concert at Rockowania 2006 on 27.06.2006, an event organized by Wrocławski Klub FORMATY. As Maciek Zakrzewski from FORMATY said, it was a very hot evening. Rockowania 2006 continues this evening (28.06.2006) with a “harder” rock line-up. [Read the programme] [View the video]

 >>> Episode 2 - wROCK

wns_gig0401 wns_gig0402 wns_gig0403 wns_gig0404
wROCK on the Island” (25.06.2006, Piaskowa Island) was one of the first big events of WrocławNonStop and this Summer holiday season. Our video podcast features the performance of Zion Train & Bakshish. [Read the programme] [View the video]

 >>> Episode 3 - INTERPONTES

wns_gig0601 wns_gig0602 wns_gig0603 wns_gig0604
This is the video snapshot from the opening of the exhibition “INTERPONTES or mediaquatic routes” on 30.06.2006 at Galeria ENTROPIA. [View the video]


wns_gig0501 wns_gig0502 wns_gig0503 wns_gig0504
In this podcast, we bring you the fragments from the performances of Vadim Oneself and Skalpel, both from the day 2 of the Independent Wrocław V (the 5th edition of Wrocław Niezależny). Independent Wrocław V was part of WrocławNonStop2006 and the event took place on 28.06 and 29.06.2006 at Piaskowa Island. [Read the programme] [View the video]

 >>> Episode 5 - TRIP HOP & URBAN ISLAND

wns_gig0701 wns_gig0702 wns_gig0703 wns_gig0704
This is the last podcast episode from WrocławNonStop2006. Trip Hop & Urban Island took place on 26.06.2006 on Piaskowa Island open-air stage, and our video features Neanderthal Alien w/ Dean Bowman, Ursula Rucker and Digit-All-love. [Read the programme] [View the video]



Images from WroclawNonStop2006 are available in our photo gallery:
Digit-All-love DJ Vadim Asian Dub Foundation Joe Satriani Ursula Rucker
Part 1: Joe Satriani / Eliades Ochoa (Buena Vista Social Club) / Asian Dub Foundation / Tymon Tymanski / Zion Train / Akurat
Part 2: Digit-All-love / Vadim Oneself / Miloopa / Neanderthal Alien feat. Dean Bowman
Part 3: Ursula Rucker / Skalpel
All photos by Ernest Dec

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