21.04.2006 - 28.04.2006

International Performing Art & Contemporary Dance Festival “Mandala” celebrates this year its 2nd edition. mandala It aims to present the works that transcend both traditional danse forms and overdetermined cultural boundaries. While the 1st edition was wrought through the connection between Poland and Japan, the 2nd edition gathers in its programme artists from Poland, Japan, Belarus, Germany and France. The art forms that these artists employ vary from action-painting, body art, installations, to contemporary dance.

 - 17:00 // Galeria Entropia (ul. Rzeźnicza 4)
The Opening of the festival: Bergamot (Belarus) & Sergey Zhdanovich (Belarus)
 - 20:00 // La Luz (ul. Kraińskiego 14)
Haiku Poetry Tournament

In Focus:
BERGAMOT & S.Zhdanovich

mandala01 mandala02 mandala03 mandala04   On 21.04.2006 , the 2nd edition of ”Mandala” Festival started with the projection of the works of BERGAMOT (Volha Maslouskaya & Raman Tratsiuk) and the live performance of Sergey Zhdanovich at Galeria Entropia. The themes of their performance is often very simple and they are presented in accomplished minimalism. We asked what is their primary source of inspiration. [View the video]

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22.04.2006 laage
 - 14:00 // Galeria Miejska (ul. Kiełbaśnicza 28 )
Performance by Joan Laage (USA), Tomasz Chołoniewski, Piotr Jahołkowski, Wojciech Skowronek, Michał Bujnicki
 - 18:30 // La Luz
The opening of the exhibition of assemblages by Jurek Kozieras
 - 20:00 // Kalambur (ul. Kuźnicza 29a) Teatr Patrz Mi Na Usta
Niezależna Manufaktura Taneczna – Manifest
Teatr Tańca Arka
Teatr Patrz Mi Na Usta – “Królestwo Szambali”
Music – Yola Wesołowska
Installation – Alicja Pietrucka

In Focus:
Joan Laage

laage01 laage02 laage03 laage04   One of the featured guests to this year's festival - Joan Laage (USA) - delivered a captivating performance on 22.04.2006 at Galeria Miejska. We bring you the fragments of her performance in video. [View the video]

KozierasThe exhibition of assemblages by Jurek Kozieras
Jurek Kozieras is a painter who connects nature with human traces left in it. A few years ago, during the excavation of one of Wroclaw's housing developments, he became interested in little paraphernalia and personal belongings of past residents. He collected, cleaned and arranged them, then used them in his paintings and in creating assemblages. These works are documents of history read by the artist in a subjective way, which have met with great interest not only in Wrocław. The exhibition continues until 14.05. [from] [View the original post]

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 - 15:00 // Galeria Miejska
Dariusz Orwat, Jerzy Starzyński, Miho Iwata (JP), Tomasz Chołoniewski, Arti Grabowski, Dominik Złotkowski
 - 20:00 // Kalambur
Teatr Patrz Mi Na Usta – “Narodowa Drag Queen”

In Focus:
Dariusz Orwat

23.04.2006, Galeria Miejska - a peaceful Sunday afternoon.orwat01 Dariusz Orwat plays, and he plays many curious objects. Enjoy.
[View the video]

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 - 17:00 // Galeria Miejska
The opening of the exhibition “Homage Frida Kahlo” by Sylvie Pothier (FR) with the music performed by Piotr Łyszkiewicz. The exhibition till 28.04.2006. Pothier
 - 18:30 // Galeria Entropia
Performance by Andrzej Dudek-Dürer
 - 20:30 // La Luz
A lecture by Dominik Zlotkowski + movie screening: “Performance as a place of transgression”

 - 16:00 // Galeria Miejska
The closing of the festival

In Focus:
Sylvie Pothier

pothier01 pothier02 pothier03 pothier04   During the last days of the festival, the painter Sylvie Pothier (FR) is presenting her works at Galeria Miejska under the title of "Homage Frida Kahlo." We interviewed her at the opening reception of the exhibition (24.04.2006). In our videocast, she speaks of her connection with Frida Kahlo as follows:
"Frida Kahlo spoke of her suffering. I capture it and transform it into a homage to her. All my stars speak of the suffering of women in the world - in France as well as in Poland, and thus in Europe..."
[View the video]

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