10.11.2006 (Friday) – 11:30
(Dolnośląska Public Library, Rynek 58)
Free admission
A lecture by Dr. Camelia Michaela Cmeciu (University of Bacău, Romania)
“On a bleak rainy day in November 2002, when George W. Bush visited Romania, a rainbow appeared in the sky, thus metaphorically ’sealing’ Romania’s membership into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which took place later in May 2004. Two years have passed since then and the Romanian society has been facing two major problems: on the one hand, a pledge of honor to America, despite the unfavorable polls concerning our presence in Iraq, on the other hand, the admission to the EU, despite the pervasive problem of corruption. These two issues can be linked to some ‘fundamental values’ (Alina Mungiu-Pippidi) about our perception of the Self and the Other, which are to be found in the sociological interpretations of two Romanian traditional ballads Mioriţa and Mason Manole…”

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