July is the month of international festivals. Starting this week, we see more concerts/performance from the following festivals:
Brave Festival: Voices of Asia
This year, Brave Festival brings us a wide range of events (from dance performance, projections, workshops to concerts) from various countries of Asia. See more information at: http://www.bravefestival.pl/
3 Baroques Festival
The 3rd edition of the Wroclaw 3 Baroques Festival features the mixture of 3 different baroque styles (Italian, French and German) performed by the same group of musicians. For more information (in Polish) at: http://www.3baroki-wroclaw.pl/
Evenings at Arsnal
The 10th annual chamber music festival presents a series of concerts featuring the folk and/or classical compositions from different countries all over the world. For more information at: http://www.wieczory-w-arsenale.pl/
See event details here: concert / performance

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