OPT /Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych

(ul. Działkowa 15)

Cultural center OPT is running a unique music festival this week, opening the door to the recording studio to the public. It is concerts at the recording studio at OPT but it is also recording sessions of the records (to be published in 2009). It is already half way through, but there is always a time to catch up. Here is the schedule:

 16-18.11.2008 - 20:00 (Monday-Wednesday) 
Mike Reed’s Loose Assembly (Josh Abrams, Jason Adasiewicz, Mike Reed, Tomeka Reid, Greg Ward)
info: http://www.482music.com/artists/mike-reed.html
Ticket: 15PLN

 20.11.2008 - 20:00 (Thursday) 
The Engines (Jeb Bishop, Tim Daisy, Nate McBride, Dave Rempis)
VTZ (Ken Vandermark, Mikołaj Trzaska, Wacław Zimpel)
Ticket: 40PLN

For more info: http://opt-art.net/studio_festiwal/

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