Simcha IXSIMCHA IX: The Jewish Culture Festival

The 9th edition of “SIMCHA,” the Jewish culture festival. Many concerts, performances and more. For the complete programme, please see below:

27.05.2007 (Sunday)
12:00 - Walk around the Jewish cemetary (ul. Lotnicza 51)
18:00 - Concert: Bester Quartet (former Cracow Klezmer Quartet) (White Stork Synagogue, ul.Włodkowica 7, 30/25PLN)
20:00 - Theatre: “Szczeźli” by Teatr Chorea (Łódź) / dir. Paweł Passini (Polski Theatre, pl. Orląt Lwowskich 20c, 25/20PLN)

28.05.2007 (Monday)

18:00 - Meeting with Paweł Passini (Sala Modlitwy, Włodkowica 9)
21:00 - Concert: “Mayne Teg” - André Ochodlo (Sopot) (Mleczarnia, Włodkowica 5, 25/20PLN)

29.05.2007 (Tuesday)

20:00 - Concert: “Solo”- Raphael Rogiński (Warszawa) plays electric guitar (Mleczarnia, Włodkowica 5, 20/15PLN)

30.05.2007 (Wednesday)

19:00 - Concert: White Stork Synagogue Choir & “Pro Arte” Chamber Orchestra (White Stork Synagogue, ul.Włodkowica 7, 25/20PLN)

31.05.2007 (Thursday)

17:00 - Films from IV International Film Festival “Jewish Motifs” 2007 (Mleczarnia, Włodkowica 5)
19:00 - Sephardi Music: “Songs & Prayer” - Szira u’tfila (Belgrad, Serbia) (White Stork Synagogue, ul.Włodkowica 7, 30/25PLN)
21:00 - Text reading: “Tam gdzie wyją szakale” by Amos Oz / adapted & directed by Marta Bryś (Mleczarnia, Włodkowica 5)

01.06.2007 (Friday)

16:00 - Meeting with rabbi Icchaki Rapoport
18:00 - Ashkenazi Music: Kapela Sejneńska (Sejny) (White Stork Synagogue, ul.Włodkowica 7, 25/20PLN)
20:30 - Open Sabbath Service
22:00 - Concert: Max Klezmer Band (Kraków) (Mleczarnia, Włodkowica 5, 20/15PLN)

What is Simcha? (June 2006 for Simcha VIII)

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