Mekka Birthday01.06.2007-03.06.2007
(ul. Ruska 51)
Droga do mekki is a music club and this weekend, it’s celebrating its birthday with special events featuring O.S.T.R (PL), L.U.C (PL) and SWAYZAK (GB), etc. The club doesn’t remember exactly when they opened (some claims 2 years ago, and others say 3), so it is celebrating its second [third] birthday.
Here is the programme detail:

 01.06.2007 (Friday) - 21:00 
Concerts by:
+ after party: 2MUCH [twardy, spaso, spectribe]
 02.06.2007 (Saturday) - 21:00 
Concert by:
featuring: Dawid Brown & Francesco Brini / drum + Pinktronix
Seb [step ahead / mekka crew]
Jot [magnetic works / mekka crew]
Plan [tanzvoyeur]
+ after party: Vitek Jansky [lectric frost] & NorF & Mainliner [ crew]
vj Spectribe [Droga do mekki / visual fetish]
chillout mekka
nu jazz / downtempo
Sivy - decks
Snoopy - guitar
Karolin – wocal
 03.06.2007 (Sunday) - 20:00 
A cabaret on stage
SKOQ’s drawings exposition

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