21.11.2008 (Friday)
“Ritual (Rytuał Mediów)” is an annual mini art festival and its guiding idea is to problematize the relation between the human and the media and express it by the use of art. This year, its 7th edition will take place on the World Television Day (21.11) and many events will be organized in various locations in Wrocław city center. All events are for free, except for the closing concert at Sala Gotycka. Here is the list of events:

16:20 - Galeria Entropia (ul. Reźnicza 4)
Performance: “TransRadioForma” - by Art&Industrial Gallery

17:00 - Museum of Architecture (ul. Bernardynska 5)
Project: “Włączeni/wykluczeni/Wieszaki” - by Viola Tycz

17:40 - Mieszkanie Gepperta (ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 1/2)
Performance: “Hydroksyzinum 2:0″ - by Art&Industrial Gallery

18:20 - Empik (Rynek)
Concert by “Vilgoć” with video by Art&Industrial Gallery

19:00 - Bar Miś (ul. Kuźnicza)
Exhibition: “Sport i pogoda” - by Antek Wajda

19:30 - Galeria Miejska (ul. Kiełbaśnicza 28)
Performance: “TranSfera”  - by Suka Off

20:30 -  Kamfora (ul. św Antoniego)
Performance & Presentation by Yolanta Ponton

21:11 - BWA Awangarda (ul. Wita Stwosza 32)
Happening: “CRASH antyrytuał” - by Robert B:Lisek+Gerard Lebik

22:00 - Sala Gotycka (ul. Purkyniego 1)
Ticket: 20PLN
Concert: Synta[XE]rror, Krew z kontaktu
Installation: Art&Industrial Gallery 
Film: “Terrorwizja” by Jacek Szleszynski 

01:00 - Kalaczakra (ul. Kuźnicza 29a)
Afterparty: Acid TV

Organized by Industrial Art

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