The 1st edition of the festival organized by Rita Baum brings together editors of many Polish art & literary magazines in Wrocław for discussions. The topics on the table are: the situation of Polish art & literary magazines market, the relation between independent magazines and authorities, the literary ideology, the propagation of regional literary culture, etc. Also the concerts, performance and a short story slam are in programme [details here (PL)].

 Discussions  - INSTYTUT FILOLOGII POLSKIEJ (pl. Nankiera 15) & MLECZARNIA (ul. Włodkowica 5)
 Performance  - DOLNOŚLĄSKI PUBLIC LIBRARY (Rynek 58)
 Concerts  - MLECZARNIA (ul. Włodkowica 5):
Ziemia Planeta Ludzi /Wrocław/ jungle, ethno, free jazz (04.06.07/Monday/20:00)
Ba-lan Soundsystem /Warsaw/ roots reggae, dub, dancehall, jungle (05.06.07/Tuesday/22:00)
Brudne Dzieci Sida, Glebogryzarka P-45 /Poznań/ punk, acoustic (06.06.07/Wednesday/22:00)
 Short Story Slam  - 05.06.07/Tuesday/20:00 @MLECZARNIA (ul. Włodkowica 5)

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