PrzeglądARKA: A Review of Talents, Ideas and Possibilities, Part 2 
23.11.2007 – 19:00 (Friday)
ARKA Theatre
(ul. Mennicza 3)
Tickets: 5PLN
Seat availability limited
Book tickets at 071 344 3806 from 10am to 4pm
or by e-mail:
Following up with the first installation of PrzeglądARKA series - “Trans-misja” - last month, ARKA Theatre present this week a series of performances by teenagers under the title “Ofensywa młodych.” ARKA Theatre organizes performing art workshops for teenagers throughout the year, and the performances in this programme are the result of the work in 2006/07.

• Pantomime “Franek” (prepared with Ewelina Niewiadowska)
• Cabaret “Poczekalnia” (by Sylwester Różycki) with: Katarzyna Mierzejewska & Dominika Śniegocka, Justyna Gumienna & Michał Gronowski
• Monodrame by Dominika Śniegocka - “Ćma” a fragment from “Milczenia owiec (The Silence of the Lambs)” by Thomas Harris
• Monodrame by Aleksandra Książek - “Pieśń o miłości” a fragment from “Domu duchów (La casa de los espíritus)” by Isabelle Allende
• Monodrame “Opium” by the idea of Agnieszka Sinicka (directed by Artur Borkowski)

(photo. Andrzej Nowak)

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