24.06.2006 & 25.06.2006

Free admissions
“Meeting of Worlds” promote the unity of 5 religio-cultural traditions (Jewish, Catholic, Evangelical and Orthodox churches and Buddhism) in Wrocław. Over 2 days, there will be presentations, lectures, concerts and film-screenings in the vicinity of ul. Włodkowica. Here is the complete listing of the events:

12:00-18:00 Open Day
Orthodox Church (ul. Św Mikołaja 40)
Synagogue “Under A White Stork” (ul Włodkowica 9)
Roman Catholic Church (ul. Św. Antoniego 30)
Evangelical Church (ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 29)
Buddhist Centre (ul. Ruska 47-48a)
13:00-19:00 the market in the promenade on ul. Włodkowica
13:00 - Exhibition “30 years of ‘Way of Diamond’ Buddhism in Poland” (ul. Ruska 47-48a)
14:00 - Lecture “Reflection on Identity” by Waldemar Pytel
15:30 - Lecture “The World of Orthodox Icons” by Aleksander Konachowicz
18:00 - Film “Divan” by Pearl Gluck (Mleczarnia, ul. Włodkowica 5)
19:00 - A documentary film on Buddhist centres (Mleczarnia)
21:00 - Concert on the promenade: Boban Markovic Orkestar (Serbia) / Mahala Rai Banda (Romania)

13:00 - Lecture “The Value of Life & Suffering” by Jerzy Kichler
14:30 - Lecture “On Happiness” by Zsuzsa Koszegi & Marcin Barański
16:00 - Film “Żertwa” (Mleczarnia)
17:00 - Film “Luther” by Eric Till (Mleczarnia)
19:00 - A concert with 4 choirs: Wrocław Orthodox Church Male Choir / Pueri Cantores Wratislavienses / Capella Ecumenica / Synagogue “Under A White Stork” Choir (Synagogue “Under A White Stork,” ul Włodkowica 9)
21:00 - Concert on the promenade: Tymon & Transistors / Nina Stiller “Frilling”

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