14 & 15.11.2008 - 20:00 (Friday & Saturday)
Pieśń Kozła Theatre
(Song of the Goat Theatre / ul. Purkyniego 1, tel. 071/ 342-71-10)
Tickets: 30/20PLN
(For ticket reservation, please call: (+48) 71 342 71 10)

The award-winning theatre company Teatr Pieśń Kozła premieres its new production “Macbeth” this weekend. Here’s the performance schedule this month:

13.11.2008 - Open Dress Rehearsal
14 & 15.11.2008 - Premiere

From the press release:
‘Macbeth’ is born out of the ongoing experimentation and research of Teatr Piesn Kozla and is the fruit of our collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company. This performance explores the musicality of Shakespeare’s poetry – the company have been searching for the colours and sounds of Shakespearian language, while at the same time investigating the roots of this drama.

Whereas ‘Lacrimosa’ was the final stage of the company’s work on myth, ‘Macbeth’ continues the ensemble’s deep interest in tragedy (the company’s name comes from the Greek tragon ode meaning song of the goat) and opens up new spaces for artistic exploration. The first work-in-progress of ‘Macbeth’ was shown in February 2007 at the Swan Theatre (Royal Shakespeare Company) in Stratford-upon-Avon during the Complete Works festival.

Although we call these showings the premiere, our performances are, in fact, always work-in-progress. The audience will witness a stage in the constant development of this performance and in our search for new meanings within the drama.

The cast of this performance is international: with actors from England, Finland, Scotland, Wales and Poland.

DIRECTOR: Grzegorz Bral
COSTUME DESIGN: Cristina Gonzalez
STAGE DESIGN: Mira Zelechower-Aleksiun, Grzegorz Bral
LIGHTING: Robert Balinski
MUSIC: arranged on the basis of songs of A Filetta (Corsica)

Macbeth – Gabriel Gawin
Lady Macbeth – Anna Zubrzycki
Macduff – Ian Morgan
Duncan – Janusz Andrzejewski
Malcolm – Ewan Downie
Banquo – Kacper Kuszewski
Witch– Anu Salonen

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