mayan1.jpg10.10.2006 (Tuesday) – 19:00
(pl. Solny 16, entrance from ul. Szajnochy)
Free admission
Mayan Productions present: Unusual Independent Film Projection
In programme:
“Stadium” (“Phase”) / “Pojedynek” (“Duel”) / “Bajka o smutnej królewnie” (“Fairy-tale about sad princess”) / “Pomyłka” (“Mistake”)

Stadium” (”Phase”) - by Marek Cichy (Ex Nihil Group). The film that will shock everyone. It’s all about a phase, development phase,transitional state, etc.
Pojedynek” (”Duel”) - by Marek Cichy & Ewa Martynkien (Ex Nihil Group). A beautiful story about alternate realities. “Angels are among us.”
Bajka o smutnej królewnie” (”A fairy-tale about a sad princess”) - by Filip Rudnicki (Butcher’s Film). A tale of a girl in trouble for the first time in her life.
Pomyłka” (”Mistake”) - by Sławomir Macuga (Kontraplan Film). A film about a mission and it begins with a simple telephone call.

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