Mime Performance:
“Only You – Farce Of One Couple”

11.05.2008 - 19:30 (Sunday)

(ul. Hallera 15 / building of Cinema Lwow)
Tickets: 25PLN (20PLN for students)
This wordless performance recounts a story of a hard, sometime absurd, but possible love. The story, whose initial scene opens to the Poland in the early 1930’s, covers the period of a little less than 60 years. It is a story that comes back from the memory, almost like a dream, and some of the events are almost a dream themselves.

directing and music arrangement
Józef Markocki
Ewelina Ciszewska, Józef Markocki,
Grzegorz Szymczyk

runtime - 60 min
www.pantomima.pl ,
teatrformy@pantomima.pl, tel+48 669902048

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