(ul. Ruska 51)
The 3-day celebration of Droga do mekki 3rd [or 4th, depending on whom you are talking to] birthday party.
DAY 1:
18.04.2008 (Friday) - serving musical raptures, every and each in different rhythm.

Roszja & Lu www.myspace.com/przezsciane
kIRk www.myspace.com/kirkband
LabiRytm www.myspace.com/labirytm
Łona & Webber www.dobrzewiesz.net http://asfalt.pl/lona.html

DAY 2:
19.04.2008 (Saturday) - Drum’n'Bass: “Synkopa: Special Edition”

Marcus Intalex (Soul:r , abunchofcuts.com , UK) www.myspace.com/intalex
Subwena crew (Brav, DT, MacBeat) www.myspace.com/subwena
Sonic Saturation www.myspace.com/sonicsaturation
chill-out: Trip to disco by Seb (step ahead)

DAY 3:
20.04.2008 (Sunday) - satire, sneer and laughter

Jurek Wasiukiewicz - “Super Express” www.jurek.pl
Janusz Stefaniak - dziennik “Polska” www.jurek.pl
Jerzy Krzętowski - “Newsweek Polska” www.jurek.pl
Marcin Skoczek www.dzizas.com , www.skoq.pl
Cabaret Szydera www.kabaret.szydera.prv.pl
Cabaret Idź Stąd i Nie Wracaj www.isiniw.yoyo.pl
Cabaret Chyba + hosting
after party: While [resident of the series No Fashion Relax]


start / tickets
18.04.08 doors open at: 6:00 pm start: 8:30 pm
20 PLN with club card
22 PLN advance sale
27 PLN normal
number of tickets is limited!

19.04.08 doors open at: 6:00 pm start: 9:00 pm
18 PLN with membership card
20 PLN advance sale
25 PLN normal

20.04.08 doors open at: 6:00 pm start: 8:00 pm
5 PLN with club card
7 PLN at the door

advance sale / places
Droga do mekki club [Ruska 51 , Wrocław]
tickets for membership cards owners: Droga do mekki club – until 17.04.08

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