21.08.2009 - 19:30 (Friday)
(Kościół Ewangelicko-Augsburski Opatrzności Bożej / ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 29)
Free Admission

“Jan Karski: One of the Great Men of Polish Resistance”
The text written by Marc P. Smith (US)
Performed in English by the theater group “Turning the Page”

From the press release:
The renowned playwright Marc P. Smith, Boston, USA, continues to follow his life’s goal to remember examples of heroic resistance against the Nazis in Poland and Germany.

After long research and many personal encounters with surviving family members he wrote in 2007 his play A Journey to Kreisau about Helmuth James and Freya von Moltke, who
‘identified and strengthened the moral standards within their group… and it was his vision, that endured.’

Now Smith remembers the life of Jan Karski, who worked in life threatening situations for Sikorski’s Exile government to try to stop the Holocaust in Poland – but nobody in London or Washington, where he met Roosevelt in 1943, believed his eyewitness of Oswiecim / Auschwitz.

The playwright Marc P. Smith will coach young Polish and German actors during the Workshop DenkFest-1 in Krzyzowa / Kreisau for this and further performances and will be present at the premiere in Wroclaw. He says:
‘Jan Karski is essential for young people today to identify with heroes of their own country so that they may learn to stand up for ethical values.’”

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