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11.11.2009 at MLECZARNIA (ul. Włodkowica 5) - Digit-All-love is a Wrocław-based trip-hop band, and “Digit-All-love Soundsystem” is its chamber version, taking away the live drum, guitar and bass, and keeping only the vocal, strings and electronic sounds. This video features a new track from their upcoming 2nd album.

With: Natalia Grosiak, Olga Kończak, Maciek Zakrzewski, and Magda Olearczyk & Wojtek Bolsewicz. For more info on Digit-All-love can be found at: myspace.com/digitalllove

dss.mp4 (640×360 / H.264 / AAC / 37.58MB / 3:50)
LQ version is also available: dss_lq.mp4 (320×180 / 19.79MB)

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dss01 dss02 dss03 dss04

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