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On 18.05.2008 at Café Mleczarnia (ul. Włodkowica 5), the exhibition by Anka Mierzejewska - “Ciacho w Mleczarni” – opened the 2-week long festival “Czyli Wrocław,” the first cultural initiative by Mleczarnia Foundation. The exhibition title “Ciacho w Mleczarni” is here given a double meaning: one is literally “cake (ciastko) in Mleczarnia” - making a reference to Mleczarnia as café - and the second meaning is from the Polish slang “Ciacho” - “someone hot, attractive.” In the video interview, Asia Męczyńska, the organizer of the event, and the artist Anka Mierzejewska talk about the idea of the exhibition, the place and the paintings.
Festival “Czyli Wrocław” continues this coming week from 27.05 through 29.05.2008. For more information, check this link.

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