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Dance Vibrations 3: The Idiot

>>> Podcasts | Posted by toyo on March 27th, 2010

20.02.2010, IMPART (ul. Mazowiecka 17) - This is the recording from the performance “IDIOTA albo TRANS (The Idiot, or Trans)” by Tomasz Bazan & Romuald Krężel. The performance was presented as the 3rd installment of “Wibracje Taneczne / Dance Vibrations.”
wt03-idiota.mp4 (640×360 / H.264 / AAC / 91.66MB / 9:34)
LQ version is also [...]

Dance Vibrations 2: Caffè Latte

>>> Podcasts | Posted by toyo on February 18th, 2010

22.01.2010, IMPART (ul. Mazowiecka 17) - The 2nd installment of “Wibracje Taneczne / Dance Vibrations” invited Teatr Dada von Bzdülöw (Katarzyna Chmielewska & Leszek Bzdyl) and SzaZa (Paweł Szamburski & Patryk Zakrocki) for the Wrocław premiere of their collaborative project: “Caffè Latte.”
wt02-caffe-latte.mp4 (640×360 / H.264 / AAC / 88.98MB / 9:21)
LQ version [...]

Fat Burning

>>> Podcasts | Posted by toyo on February 15th, 2010

16.01.2010, MASZROOM (ul. Ruska 34) - Selected fragments from the concert of FAT BURNING at the official opening of the club Maszroom. With
BOND - Bass & Low Freq Modulation
MUCHA - Drums
GIBON - Guitar
For more information and video, please see myspace.com/fatburningstep
“Fat Burning” was previously seen in our podcast in the episode “From the [...]

04.12.2009, IMPART (ul. Mazowiecka 17) - this is the recording from the 1st installment of “Wibracje Taneczne / Dance Vibrations,” with the fragments of performances by Leszek Bzdyl, Harakiri Farmers, and Sławek Bendrat & Dominik Krawiecki.
wt01.mp4 (640×360 / H.264 / AAC / 88.35MB / 9:19)
LQ version is also available: wt01_lq.mp4 (320×180 / [...]

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