J. KapustaAmerica & the World - Editorial Art Exhibit
(Dolnośląska Public Library, Rynek 58)
The exhibit was the brainchild of Polish cartoonist Janusz Kapusta, a member of INX, and presents highly opinionated editorial page drawings by more than 50 illustrators on various topics: from today’s war on terrorism and gas prices to global warming. Displayed chronologically, the show serves as an illustrated history lesson full of biting humor, surprising insight, startling images and extraordinary craft.

INX (a play on “inks”) group was founded in the U.S. in 1980 by 12 political cartoonists trying to produce and sell uncensored political images. In 2002 the group decided to link with the United Features Syndicate. Newspapers and other publications download cartoons they wish to use. Their clients include the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Seattle Times, and the Washington Post.
— Text by American Corner Wrocław

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